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Thank you!

I would like to introduce some important teammembers and thank them for supporting me.
Ian Holloway

Performance Trainer

Ian supports me in performance training, so we work out what areas of my game should be trained and what training is best suited for that. I've been working with Ian since 2020 and he has already showed me great parts of training design and structure. Another expertise of him is definitely his knowledge of the short game.
Florian Münch

Personal Trainer

Since 2018, we have both been working strategically on athleticism goals. Starting with increasing racquet head speed and thus gaining length in winter 2018/2019 to increase resilience to endure longer tournament stretches, which often include time shifts in 2021/2022. Flo is a very structured and knowledgeable athletic trainer who I also appreciate away from the gym.
Silke Lüdike

Mental Coach

I have been working with my mental coach Silke since the beginning of 2018. In addition to developing as a player, Silke's approach is very holistic and encompasses both, the person on the golf course and the person in their private life. Working together is always exciting, educational and has helped me develop significantly as a person and player.
Miriam Krug

Nutrition Coach

I have been working with Miri Krug since the end of 2020. Since Miri comes from CrossFit competitively, she is very familiar with the nutrition of athletes. She supports me in planning how to improve my diet during the the season and to keep it when travelling for tournaments and in foreign countries.
U.COM Player


I started working with my management since I turned professional in 2017. Christian Reimbold and Conny Janik support me in all topics concerning sponsors, organization and travel planning.